Nevada’s population is growing rapidly. As one of the fastest growing states in the nation, we are grappling with a growing population of children in poverty. Over the past few years, we have need the number of children and families struggling to pay for housing, food, and basic needs grow. Children’s Advocacy Alliance is committed to building coalitions to champion policy that improves the economic opportunities for Nevadans.

Our Goals

Each year, we advocate for a number of measures designed to target children and families’ economic well-being – usually through targeted programs that overlap with our other priority areas.

However, specifically, we have championed efforts to expand tenant rights reducing predatory eviction practices, as part of our fight for affordable housing. We also work to promote robust workforce development programs that are poised to increase wages and opportunities for Nevada parents, ultimately improving the quality of life for their children.

Additional information about how Nevada compares to other states in this area is available in the annual KidsCount data book