Children’s Advocacy Alliance is committed to building coalitions that prevent youth from entering systems and improve the outcomes for those impacted by systems. We know the outcomes for youth impacted by systems such as foster care, juvenile justice, and children experiencing abuse and neglect are poor. These youth are at greater risk for drop out, underemployment, incarceration, and continuing cycles of abuse and neglect.

Our Goals

To promote optimal outcomes for all children and families in Nevada, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance is working to:
  • Increase foster transition support and educational resources.
  • Promote restorative practices, reduce racial disproportionality in discipline and reduce pathways to the juvenile justice system. 
  • Build the collective voice of youth through support groups and civic engagement opportunities.
  • Collect data and conduct research on best practices to develop a comprehensive system for preventing child abuse and neglect and providing necessary care and services for children and families in the system.

We partner with state and local agencies doing work in this area to break down silos and move the needle for Nevada’s children and families. 

More information of how Nevada performs compared to other states in this area can be found in the Family and Community section of the KidsCount databook.