Good health is vital to child development and well-being. Nevada has struggled with a high rate of uninsured children and many more without access to preventative pediatric care. Children’s Advocacy Alliance recognizes that access to healthcare improves the likelihood that children will be able to take advantage of the medical prevention and intervention that can improve their overall lives. We know that children with access to healthcare are more likely to attend schoolregularly, to focus in class, participate in extracurricular activities, and live healthier lives.

Our Goal

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance is committed to ensuring that every child in Nevada has the opportunity to grow up healthy, from the prenatal period through their teen years. Children’s Advocacy Alliance advocates for:
  • Expanded access to health insurance programs for children and families, including CHIP, Medicaid, and subsidized health insurance.
  • Expanded access to child mental health services by reducing barriers for quality behavioral healthcare providers.
  • Expanded access to quality and timely pre and post natal healthcare.

Children’s Advocacy Alliance sees these steps as the foundation for improving the overall outcomes for all children in Nevada. You can learn more about Nevada’s performance in areas related to Health in the KidsCount databook.