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Celebrating 20 years of advocacy

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance is excited to commemorate 20 years of advocating for the children and families of Nevada! Over the last 20 years, we have worked diligently to ensure that every child in Nevada has the opportunity to be safe and healthy, with the ability to enter school ready to learn and succeed in life…

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taking action on the following initiatives

Support SB90 for the Healthy Development of Nevada’s Children!

Please join us in urging our policymakers to invest in the healthy development of young children in Nevada by supporting SB90.

Urge Your Representatives to Support Fictive Kinship Providers

Currently, in Nevada, Fictive Kinship providers are not eligible for any type of financial assistance to help offset the cost of caring for a child in their custody.

Advocate to Remove the Barriers to Foster Youth Attending College

Less than 3% of foster youth will obtain a college degree due largely to a lack of a family support system, and financial & housing steadiness.

Share your Health Care Story

Tell us why health insurance coverage is so important to you.

Tell Your Representatives to Support Diaper Assistance for Families

Diapers cost on average $78 per month. This high cost has forced many families to stretch the use of their diapers by reusing or leaving on diapers longer than recommended.

Take Action to Support Child Care Subsidies for Families

The high cost of childcare places a significant financial burden on working families, especially those in poverty.

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We want to hear from you. In order to do the best work we can do for our community, we need to hear your voices. If you have an issue or concern to raise with us regarding the welfare of Nevada's Children, we want to know about it.

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