Children’s Advocacy Alliance 2021 Nevada Legislative Resources

2021 State Legislative Resources

2021 Nevada Legislative Session

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance serves as an independent voice for Nevada’s children and families – dedicated to achieving public policy wins in the areas of child safety, health, and school readiness. We bring people together to identify issues and build consensus around solutions, leveraging our collective strength toward real changes in policy and practice. Through this work, we have identified the following policy priorities for the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session.


2021 Assembly Legislative District Sheets


Senate Legislative District Sheets

Senate Legislative District Sheets

Children's Advocacy Alliance's Winter Summit: 2021 Legislative Policy Preview


BDR 452 – Maternal Health and Medicaid (updated 1-27-21)

BDR 452 – Maternal Health and Medicaid


BDR 56 – Continuous eligibility for children on Medicaid (updated 1-27-21)

AB189 POLICY BRIEF–Medicaid Reimbursement for Community Health Workers

2019 Legislative Highlights


The purpose of Children’s Week is to represent Nevada’s Children and help stregnthen families in areas such as school readiness, children’s physical and mental health, and child safety and security. For the past four legislative sessions, over 80 different non-profit, corporate, philantropic, and state agencies and organizations have joined together as we strengthened Nevada’s families by sharing a commitment to improve our communities through events and outreach efforts aimed at promoting the health, safety, and well-being of our children.

Each day will focus on topics related to the day’s theme, scheduled below:

Monday, March 8 – Education & School Readiness
Tuesday, March 9 – Children’s Safety
Wednesday, March 10 – Mental Health
Thursday, March 11 – Physical Health
Friday, March 12 – Economic Wellbeing