2019 Legislative Session

2019 Legislative Summary

About the 2019 Legislative Session

The Nevada Legislature’s 120 day session takes place from February 4th-June 3rd. During this time, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance is working diligently to enact changes that will have a positive impact for all of Nevada’s children and families. We will be advocating for policies relating to improving school readiness, children’s health, children’s safety, and economic well-being.

Bill Tracking List

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance, in partnership with the Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy, tracks all of the legislation relating to Nevada’s children and families. The bill tracking list contains useful information related to the current status of the legislation and categorizes the bills related to their respective issue area.

Nevada's Legislative Website

Nevada’s Legislative Website contains useful information related to the 2019 legislative session. From here, you can track legislation, view the 120 day calendar, find your legislator, and share your opinions on pending legislation, to name just a few.

2019 Legislative Advocacy Guide

The League of Women Voters has created a 2019 Legislative Advocacy Guide which provides a detailed overview on how to engage in effective advocacy at the state level as well as how to navigate our legislature’s website and fully utilize the website’s engagement tools.

2019 Children's Legislative Briefing Book

The Children’s Legislative Briefing Book provides an in-depth overview and information related to topics related to children’s safety, children’s health, education, and economic well-being. The briefing book also contains policy briefs related to pending legislation.

Children's Week at the Legislature

The purpose of Children’s Week is to represent Nevada’s Children and help strengthen families in areas such as school readiness, children’s physical and mental health, and child safety and security. For the past four legislative sessions, over 80 different non-profit, corporate, philantropic, and state agencies and organizations have joined together as we strengthened Nevada’s families by sharing a commitment to improve our communities through events and outreach efforts aimed at promoting the health, safety, and well-being of our children.

Assembly and Senate District Fact Sheets

The 2019 Nevada Children’s Assembly and Senate District Fact Sheets detail children’s data by each Assembly and Senate District. Explore children’s data in relation to health, safety, education, and more!