Children’s Advocacy Alliance selected as Nevada’s New KIDS COUNT Grantee

Children’s Advocacy Alliance selected as Nevada’s New KIDS COUNT Grantee


June 29, 2018

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Children’s Advocacy Alliance selected as Nevada’s New KIDS COUNT Grantee


LAS VEGAS — The Children’s Advocacy Alliance (CAA), as of July 1st, 2018, will be the new host agency in Nevada for the KIDS COUNT project from Annie E. Casey Foundation, a project that tracks the well-being of children in the United States.


The KIDS COUNT project seeks to enrich local, state and national discussions concerning ways to secure better futures for all children — and to raise the visibility of children’s issues through a nonpartisan, evidence-based lens. The Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) develops and distributes data-driven reports on key areas of child and family well-being and demographic trends, including its annual KIDS COUNT Data Book.


As the independent voice for Nevada’s children and families for the last 20 years, CAA has worked to support children who have been abused and neglected, to ensure children have access to high quality learning programs and to improve their overall health and well-being. As a data-driven policy advocacy group, CAA highlights issues and advances evidence-based policies and practices in Nevada by engaging organizations, agencies, families, and stakeholders to address issues, barriers, challenges, and opportunities regarding support for children’s well-being.


“The Children’s Advocacy Alliance is honored to have been selected by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to serve as the new grantee for the Nevada KIDS COUNT project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with the Foundation, as well as our public and private partners across the State of Nevada and nationally to advocate for effective, data-driven solutions to improve the overall well-being of Nevada’s children,” said Denise Tanata, Executive Director for the Children’s Advocacy Alliance.


With an expected undercount in the upcoming 2020 census, research and advocacy efforts that utilize data to identify and analyze problems, document disparities, develop policy solutions and evaluate the efficacy of programs will be adversely affected for years to come. The partnership with AECF and CAA, through the Nevada KIDS COUNT project, provides an opportunity for Nevada to make children a priority in the state by ensuring an accurate count in the 2020 census and moving the needle in policy changes that ensure children and families are provided the best opportunity to succeed in life.


KIDS COUNT is a 29 year-old project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and a premier national source of data on children and families. Each year, the Foundation produces a comprehensive report —the KIDS COUNT Data Book — that assesses child well-being in the United States. The indicators featured in the Data Book are also available in the Data Center.


“We ask our 50 states and three territorial KIDS COUNT partners to use reliable data, coupled with stories and effective communications, to advance a policy advocacy agenda that will contribute to the well-being of children and families in their jurisdiction,” said Dennis J. Campa, Associate Director, State Policy Reform and Advocacy at The Annie E. Casey Foundation. “Based on the Children’s Advocacy Alliance’ stellar data analysis, policy advocacy reputation, and community engagement track record, we are pleased to welcome them to the KIDS COUNT network.”